Now Hiring: Private Home Manager – Asheville or Hendersonville, NC

Proxy team members are much loved and trusted by clients from all over the world. They not only help protect client luxury vacation homes from hazards, but over time become the experts on how the homes are constructed and operate. Our team atmosphere is both collaborative and dynamic given the problem solving nature of the work.

Responsibilities of position include:

This position will be good for someone who likes to be out and moving and prefers a wide variety of work activities. The Property Manager spends about 1/3 of the time visiting each home under his/her care . . . . looking for problems before they become serious. Typical problems include thermostats not working properly, dead branches near the roof, or windows left open after the homeowner departs.

Another 1/3 of the time is spent managing the various maintenance and repair contractors. Typical projects include gutter cleaning, servicing the central heating system, and replacing the roof. More complicated projects require developing a specification of work, planning and scheduling the activities, obtaining bids and providing contractor access to the home.

The final 1/3 is spent preparing weekly reports to clients and researching / troubleshooting issues that come up during the week . . . . like “what Wi-Fi thermostat should we recommend to a client” or “do we fix or replace the water heater” or “why is the water bill so high” or “what animal dug that hole?”

A small amount of time is spent doing a wide variety of other things like changing the smoke alarm batteries, speaking directly with clients, or receiving or providing training. Every day is spent self-managing his/her time.

Qualifications: 4-year college degree or equivalent work experience. Planning, troubleshooting, and client/vendor interaction experience preferred.
Terms: Company matching IRA contributions, paid holidays and vacation, company cell phone, auto mileage reimbursement.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Asheville or Hendersonville, NC

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