Benefits of a Proxy Partnership

Increase Sales

  • Proxy ensures that empty luxury home listings will be at their best and well maintained for showings.
  • Proxy provides peace of mind to potential second home buyers whose concerns (maintenance, weather, mail, propane, etc.) might prevent them from closing on a home.
  • Clients who feel their home is worry and hassle-free are more likely to recommend the vacation home lifestyle and in turn, recommend all parties involved in their home buying / owning experience.

Save Time

  • Proxy will handle house visits instead of agent for: Property checks before and after events like bad weather, showings, property sale, etc.
  • Alarm events
  • Vendor access (plumber, handyman, electrician, moving truck)
  • Coordinating maintenance and repair vendors
  • Mailbox checks
  • House prep for guest visits
  • Insurance inspection

Liability Shift

  • Proxy assumes responsibility and liability for the home. We are properly insured.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss how a Proxy Partnership can enhance your client’s overall experience and strengthen your positioning within the market.

“Home buyers looking for a second home here in Biltmore Lake are often worried about who will take care of their mountain residence while they are away. That is, until they meet Proxy. Their professionalism and reliability over the years have made them the “go to” for the area’s part time residents.”

Neil Battle

Beverly-Hanks Realtor Services, NC