The Proxy Service

Whether you call it your mountain home, vacation home, second home, or retirement home, the last thing you want with your dream home in Western Carolina is a bunch of worries. Noticing a home disaster is easy…preventing one is extremely difficult. With Proxy on your team, an experienced technician is looking after the home in a methodical and professional way to ensure that disasters are avoided and your investment is well maintained.

The Proxy service is uniquely customized to fit each individual home and client needs. Our service is provided to you in three core ways, with the addition of an overall concierge-level layer of service that adds a special finishing touch to your home and your experience owning it. Our service includes: Home Watch, Maintenance Scheduling & Monitoring, Project Management and Concierge Services. 

Our Service Includes:

Home Watch

Proxy’s #1 priority is keeping a vigilant watch over your home to anticipate, troubleshoot and solve any problem that might occur. Weekly home visits by your PHM help mitigate risks such as high winds, curious bears, deep freeze temperatures, high humidity, and potential vandalism. We can monitor the alarm, install remote monitoring devices (watching humidity and temperature levels), install and manage light timers, ensure garbage bins are emptied on the correct days, check that all windows & doors are locked, and much more. We look for dying trees that threaten your property, look for leaks in the roof and plumbing, and ensure all systems are working properly. In addition, we’ll manage your mail, maintain your car, and coordinate deliveries. Proxy will prepare your home to be ready for use when you arrive, and will make sure your home is properly put in “away mode” once you leave.  Our weekly, 1+ hour – 40 to 50-point home inspection includes an emailed report to you with photos to keep you up to date and worry free.

Maintenance and Repair

We can plan and coordinate all home and yard maintenance and repair needs. Beginning with a thorough site assessment, your PHM creates a comprehensive annual maintenance plan customized to your property. These tasks include regular landscaping work, HVAC system checks, pest control visits, gutter cleaning, window washing, winterizing, and much more. Proxy handles the integral, but time-intensive task of locating, vetting, and managing local subcontractors and overseeing maintenance from beginning to end and throughout the year. We leverage our 15 years of experience, the number of homes we watch, and multiple quotes to ensure you are getting the best service for the best price.

Project Management

As with all houses, projects arise that you will want to or need to do. Whether it is a kitchen remodel, a new roof, replacement of decking, repairing/replacing the HVAC, adding a water feature, re-configuring the landscaping, or anything else you can imagine, Proxy is there to manage it as the owner’s representative. We have developed relationships with a multitude of the best vendors in the region that complete the projects, and Proxy will be there to ensure that these projects are completed perfectly.

Concierge Services

We provide as-requested concierge services that ensure that your home is easy to own and feels perfect when you walk in. This includes comprehensive and professional housekeeping services. We will deliver your car to the airport. We can make sure your fridge is stocked with your personal food and drink needs upon arrival. We can help you find fun activities to do while in town. We can also help you find a restaurant that caters to your desires.  We’ve got you covered!