The Proxy Service

Whether you call it your mountain home, vacation home, second home, or retirement home, the last thing you want with your dream home in Western Carolina is a bunch of worries. Noticing a home disaster is easy…preventing one is extremely difficult. With Proxy on your team, an experienced technician is looking after the home in a methodical and professional way to ensure that disasters are avoided and your investment is well maintained.

The Proxy service is uniquely customized to fit each individual home and client needs. We offer one comprehensive service that includes: Home Watch, Maintenance & Repair, Professional Housekeeping and Arrival & Departure Concierge Services. 

Our Service Includes:

Home Watch

Proxy’s #1 priority is keeping a vigilant watch over your home to anticipate, troubleshoot and solve any problem that might occur. Weekly home visits by your Personal Home Manager (PHM) help mitigate the set of risks that are unique to this part of the country like high winds, curious bears, deep freeze temperatures, high humidity, and potential vandalism. Our weekly, 1 hour –  40 to 50-point home inspection includes an emailed report and photos to keep you up to date and worry free.

Maintenance and Repair

We provide year-round coordination of all home and lawn maintenance and repair needs. Beginning with a thorough site assessment, your Personal Home Manager (PHM) creates a comprehensive maintenance plan and calendar customized to your property. Proxy handles the integral, but time-intensive task of locating, vetting, and managing local contractors and overseeing projects from beginning to end. This custom care service frees you to do the things you love without the hassle and frustration that inevitably comes with home ownership. 

Professional Housekeeping

Proxy has spent years fine tuning our vendor relationships to ensure our clients receive top notch service every time. In addition to pre-arrival and post-departure cleaning, our professional housekeepers are equipped to handle as-needed deep cleans on your rugs, upholstery, hardwoods and more. These services can be continued while in-residence as a weekly service. Your home will shine inside and out with our spotless cleaning service.

Arrival & Departure Concierge Service

Car waiting at the airport? Fridge full of groceries? Thermostats set to your preferred temperature? Proxy will prepare your home to be ready for use as soon as you arrive, and will make sure your home is properly put in “away mode” once you leave. We’ve got you covered!